Thursday, April 18, 2013

In The Way

A poem shared with me by Kate..

In the time of deepest sorrow,
When life seems without a ray
And the wound is fresh and opened,
Can you see HIm “in the way”?

When your plans and dearest projects
Shattered fell and broken lay,
And you vainly try to mend them,
Can you see Him “in the way”?

When your prayers remain unanswered
And you almost cease to pray,
Feeling that the heavens are brazen -
Can you see him “in the way”?

When your dearest hope has vanished,
When your friends forsake, betray,
All your earthly props are broken -
Can you see Him “in the way”?

Broken rays become a rainbow;
Broken clods, a fruitful meadow;
Pruned vines bear richest clusters;
Cut and polished gems, rare lustres;
Harvests rise from buried grain;
Lives are born through grief and pain; -
God dwells in the broken clay.
He alone leads “in the way.” – L.S.P.

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